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Helping clients map success and candidates navigate their careers.

No One Knows (Or Loves) HealthCare Like Avalon

We know that most people don’t find healthcare and insurance to be scintillating topics of conversation. But we aren’t most people.

With nearly 100 years of combined experience on our team, we are a team that is genuinely passionate about recruiting for healthcare and managed care.

We are a company with a national reach and unmatched expertise – but we deliver a boutique-quality, high-touch experience to our clients.

At Avalon Executive Search, we develop great partnerships with our clients to help them identify and attract top talent. And we help our candidates map out their careers and navigate through the hiring process…and we have fun doing it!

Our Core Values



Good Humor




Navigating Brilliant Business Collaborations

Our company’s roots reach all the way to Great Britain, which is why we say we navigate brilliant collaborations.

As the old saying goes, no one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. Here, we believe in collaboration above all else. We collaborate with our clients, and we work together internally to solve problems, innovate solutions and make that perfect match.

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