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There once was a job and now it’s gone.

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Has this ever happened to you? A recruiter contacts you about a new opportunity, sends you all of the details about the organization, the job description, sells the dream… then you ponder on it, discuss it with your most important people, get distracted with work and all of life’s happenings and after some time you decide YES this is the job for me, you get back to the recruiter to put your hat in the ring and just like that, the job has been filled!

This situation happens ALL.THE.TIME! The recruitment world is a fast moving one, full of hiring managers who want their roles filled yesterday, recruiters (often multiple, in house and external agencies) diligently working to meet the hiring team’s wishes and on top of this internal candidates also putting their hands up for a promotion. There is no time like the present, if you are at all interested in an opportunity, don’t let the job disappear in a cloud of smoke!

To apply or not to apply?

If you are contacted about a job opportunity, chances are that hiring for that role is very active right now. If you are not sure if it is right for you but you are curious about it, surely it’s worth the recruiter setting you up for a 30-minute chat with the hiring manager before the window of opportunity closes? The last thing we want is to waste your time or the hiring managers but after that 30-minute meeting you will have the full picture and can assess whether you are ready and able to commit to the process and the hiring manager will have the opportunity to know more about you and whether this could be a good fit for them too.

Avoid getting lost in the system

For some candidates being represented by a recruiter isn’t the way they want to go, and that is ok. However, with people like us fighting your corner you stand a higher chance of getting to the top of the pile, we will get your resume and the information that is most important straight to the hiring managers desk for review, this gives you the best chance of being invited to interview and not get lost in a giant internal recruiting system.

While we are on this subject, some candidates decide after receiving the details of a role from a recruiter, to apply directly anyway. This is counterproductive, not only does it break our diligent recruiter hearts but if you apply directly, we will no longer be able to represent you, assist in the process, work together to prep before interviews, or help with the negotiations at the end. We have wonderful working relationships with our clients and we can add much value to your candidate experience.

If in doubt…

Ask us. We are here to fulfil the clients wishes but also to help guide you through this, if you aren’t sure if this is the new job for you or not, set up a time to chat with us about it!

Happy job hunting!

Jodie Temmerman, Executive Recruiter

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